Monday, October 12, 2009


Time really flies - haven't posted in quite awhile!!

So, Homecoming was horrible. The weather was ridiculous; cheerleaders are so selfish; students are just plain rude. Anyhow - it's over, over, over. I am done!!! No more Homecoming floats, decorations or senior W's and hands covered in black paint - unless I am still breathing and have SUCKER written on my forehead when the girls get in high school!

Mellisa has a boyfriend - although she refuses to call him that. He is over every night and they sit on the couch together. It must be somewhat serious as Mellisa makes the poor kid watch chick flicks every night and he still returns night after night. I have to admit - it has bothered me. None of my kids has ever had a significant person around me before. The handholding, kissing, etc. throws me off. I feel like I have to announce myself before I enter the room! Now, I know I was practically a wild hussy at their age but still, I don't like it. I can't imagine the hell I put my parents through...

Lee & Phil left this morning. Nice visit - short but nice. I miss Lee - he makes me giggle.

And for those that are keeping track - the dining room is my jungle once again. The banana trees came in before the frost on Sunday morning...

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  1. Yes, you were a wild teenager. :) But I am sure there was no kissing in front of your Dad.