Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mellisa's Senior Pictures

So - another rite of passage - the senior pics....

We did her indoor pics about two weeks ago. Mellisa threw the photographer. She isn't the right size for her normal staged cute little girl pics. I think the photographer found her challenging. I think they will be nice - but nothing spectacular.

Her outdoor were scheduled last week but cancelled due to rain. We kept trying to reschedule but it has rained for almost two weeks!

Finally, today. The weather was perfect! Slight chill - slight breeze - fall colors galore. It was too fun!

Lots of pics in tall grasses - and fall weeds - and trees. She looked gorgeous. And - we did some edgy ones too. Meesie climbed into a concrete viaduct under the highway - very cool. Cannot wait to see how those turn out!!!

Here is the website of the photographer...


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