Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween costumes

My dad always made the craziest costumes for us when we were kids. I remember one year, he took a large box and turned me into a clock. It was uncomfortable but really cool. Dad really had an artistic flair.

So the tradition continues. I try very hard to make as much of the kid's costumes every year. Now, I am getting more beat down as time goes on and usually cheat and build the costume around sweats.

This year, Alyx is a black widow spider (with black sweats). I found some wonderful furry black fabric in the miscut bin and made 6 wonderful legs. I even padded a wonderful red silk patch on her back. Riley is a gargoyle (with dark gray sweats). I have been working on her mask for 2 days now. It is made out of foam rubber mainly.

The girls have their costume parade at school on Friday so I have a few more days to panic. I am entirely too picky. I think I made 3 different sets of gargoyle wings last night...

Anyhow - pictures to follow soon...

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