Friday, October 16, 2009

Interracial Marriage

OK - thought I could keep quiet on this - but no...

In case you haven't heard, there was recently a white woman/black male that went to the Justice of the Peace to marry - I believe in Louisiana but I won't swear to that - down south somewhere... He refused to marry them - claiming he was not racist but in fact concerned about any offspring.

Now, I think I can add some insight to this debate having lived it.

Before I married, I really did think long and hard - do I have the right and/or strength to do this 'horrible deed' to my children? My parents sat me down - and asked me the same question out of genuine concern and love. I made the right decision then - and I would make the same decision today.

Yes, there are people that are awful - and glare - and make comments - and call my children nigger at church and elsewhere. But you know what - they are great kids and are strong kids. It isn't easy - and yes, there are times where we have had to make changes - such as changing churches and moving. But I really do believe that if you love your children and show respect for people no matter how idiotic they may be, the strength of family and friends can get you through just about anything.

As this was my decision - and Mel's - and the legal system supported us - how can anyone else take that away from me? How dare he make that decision for them!

My aunt Janet marries people every week. Her stories are both inspiring and scary. I worry about some of the offspring that those unions might create. But you know what - that is NOT my decision. And, like my aunt Janet, you hope for the best and hope that the love that the couple shares can carry them thru any storm.

So to the man who thought he could play with that couple's lives, I feel badly for you. You missed out on contributing to the origination of something wonderful and truly special.

And to my beautiful babies, I love you bunches and wouldn't trade you for the world...

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