Tuesday, September 15, 2009


AJ's best friend is getting married today. 4pm. I am sure there is some significance to the date - but have no idea what that might be.

So - today is a bit crazy. 4pm is early. I will pull the girls out of school early - run them home - change into their dresses (that alone is a new post) - and run over to the wedding. Chris is taking clothes to work - and then meeting us there.

This is not a small affair. Wedding and reception are in one of the nicest hotels in town - sit down meal even. Then Josh & Alyssa are off on a 14-day transatlantic cruise.

Josh and AJ stopped by last night after the rehearsal. AJ and Josh have been friends forever it seems. I am so happy for him - and Alyssa seems so sweet. I was already crying. Josh is just the sweetest kid - and is like another one of my own. He just looked so nervous. AJ is just about petrified over the toast. I volunteered to do a toast after I had had a couple of toasts - but I was vetoed.

I wish them nothing but love....

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