Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The roomie

Kiel's roommate from Lincoln came home with him for the weekend since the school closed the dorms for the Labor Day weekend.

Poor Nequan - we are white. Can't get around that - pretty obvious - even the mixed kids are white! Second, this is Illinois. It's flat and full of corn. Can't help that either - we don't have the charm of trees and hills that he is used to in North Carolina.

He was a trooper though. He played video games with the girls, put up with Mellisa and even helped clean our nasty garage! He's a good guy.

I think he starved. Poor thing. I made pulled pork BBQ for Monday. He opened up the crock pot and asked - what is this??? He doesn't do pulled pork. I told him that he was in Illinois and he had better learn to eat strange meat. He ate another danish. I think he lived on danishes...

I also learned that Kiel has the social skills of a chunk of dirt. How can that be? I love to entertain - I look forward to events so I can plan and manipulate people!!! Kiel just sits around? Mellisa and I practically threw him out the door on Sunday night so he would take Nequan somewhere! They went bowling for two hours and were back home.

I really did like him - not sure if he will ever come back though.


  1. PULLED PORK!!!!! I would kill for that. You just can't get good pulled pork in CA. Now Wine, another story.

    Send me the recipe when you have time. We have never tried to make it. So all details.

    You are my child, love to entertain and make a splash. Did you notice the cute trays in the pix on my blog?

  2. I loved the trays! The backyard plants look absolutely lovely. Illinois just doesn't work very well for the fun plants...