Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Volleyball news

So, Meesie and mom went to Volleyball tryouts at Lincoln (yes, where Kiel is) on Sunday. She was awesome and super excited. Coach was thrilled to have her and was offering big bucks for her tuition. Coach was NOT so thrilled when we mentioned that Meesie would like to play both VB & basketball.

He expressed his concerns but did not rescind his scholarship offer - so that's good news and gave us a month to decide.

The basketball coach is excited from I have been told. I think her tallest player this year is only 5'11" (Meesie was measured at 6'5" with shoes). They are attending one of Meesie's Intercity games this week to watch her play. We are really hoping that they might pick up the rest of the tuition expense!

So - barring some magical event - Meesie will probably attend Lincoln next year - playing both VB & Bball.

I also attended my very LAST parent meeting at Illini Elite last night!!! Well, unless Riley plays one day. These meetings are soooo negative and soooo long (only 2 hours last night). Don't chew gum, don't bring in outside food, don't yell at the refs, don't coach your daughter, blah blah blah. At no point does the director mention - thanks for coming - hope you have fun - hope we have a great season. I am very glad that's over!!!!

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