Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a good hubby...

So - picked up Nequan yesterday. He is so much fun!

We went to Meesie's bball game. They lost - she didn't play much but she looked good! Then we discovered that NC (Kiel's nickname for Nequan - he's from North Carolina) had not ever had Steak n Shake!?! Well, that floored me so Meesie, NC and mom had lovely greasy burgers, chili and giant calorie-laden shakes. His only complaint - fries are too skinny. (I agree - I like some potato on my fries too). We car-seat-danced to Beyonce all the way home - completely embarrassing Mellisa - which made us dance even more!

My dear sweet husband had been to the grocery - put them all away - and cleaned the kitchen while we were gallivanting around town!

And to top it off - he got up early before we had to go to work and put my turkey in the brine!

How lucky can a girl get?!?!

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  1. The Steak and Shake trip was important. We miss them our here in healthy land. No White Castles either.

    I love that the vegetarian took care of the turkey. He is a keeper.