Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday finally

Time flies when life is crazy busy!

Sometimes I wonder how life would have been if I hadn't had my two little ones. AJ is super independent and I never see him. Kiel is off at school. Meesie is either at school or a practice or doing something with her boyfriend. I guess I would be sitting on the couch, watching tv, drinking a nice glass of wine - and BORED to tears!!!

Last night - I was the official taxi service. Alyx had gymnastics from 4 to 5 and Riley had basketball practice from 5 to 6. Luckily, both locations were all the way across town but not too far from each other. While Riley was at bball, Alyx and I ran to an open house for a publishing company.

Our town is very fortunate to have this little publishing company that takes pictures at just about every sporting event for all of the schools in our area. They produce a very nice magazine as well. I appreciate their efforts - they don't focus on the 'big stars' but whoever looks best in the shot! They won a bid to make West's and Community's seasonal sports programs this year - and the quality is just amazing. They also have a fantastic website with individual pics that families can order. Anyhow - if anyone wants to look for pictures of Kiel & Mellisa -

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